Getting Started With EV Charging

Getting Started with Evolve USA Charging



Give your tenants, customers and employees the power to charge.

Electric Vehicles are hitting the road like never before. Are you ready?  Evolve USA Charging can provide the right solution

It’s easy to get started, Evolve USA Charging has developed a 4 step plan to ensure your goals are met, determine the appropriate product(s) to install and that the location of the charging station best meets your needs.

1. Identify Objectives

Evolve USA Charging will work with you to determine your charging needs.  Some of the criteria we consider: budget, traffic, space and whether or not you are going to provide the power for free or “charge to charge”.

2. Determine Equipment Type

Based on cost and efficiency, the Level 2 Charger is the most common charger installed today.  While the DC Level 3 should not be ruled out, (more attractive in terms of charging time) it requires significant panel and service upgrades adding to the cost of installation.  Evolve US Charging will work with you to determine what product(s) are best suited for your situation.   For customers requiring more than two charging stations, networking options are available.

3. Site Assessment and Design

During the site assessment, Evolve USA Charging  will work with you to determine the best location for your charging station taking in consideration the power availability, accessibility, ADA compliance, current space and expansion goals.

4. Installation

Your EV Charger(s) will be installed by experienced, reliable, certified electricians.   We exercise best practices for safety and quality and take care of all necessary permitting.  A detailed installation and equipment quote will be provided prior to commencement of any work.

Maintenance and Warranty

We provide a maintenance program which includes cleaning and testing of the unit for an additional cost.  Pricing varies based on the number of charging units.

Evolve USA Charging also offers extended parts and labor warranties for up to 5 years on most charging units.

Now is the time to position your business as an Eco-friendly leader, show your commitment to sustainability and energy independence and –

Offer The Power To Charge