Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is the cost for installation of a charging station?

Installation costs vary based on electric, infrastructure needs and layout. Evolve USA Charging provides a free site assessment which will include a total cost of installation including any electrical, cement, asphalt and networking costs.


  • Can you use the charging station in the rain/snow?

EV charging stations are designed to be used safely in all weather conditions.


  • Can charging be interrupted before a full charge is completed?

Yes, a charge can be stopped at any time without risking damage to the battery or the charging station.


  • How can you tell if the charging station is working?

LED lights on the charging station will indicate when it is sending power to the charger.


  • What damage will occur if someone drives off still connected to the charging station?

Most electric vehicles can’t be driven as long as the charging cord is connected to the car. There is a break-away mechanism that will minimize damage to the charging dock if an EV that can be driven pulls away.


  • Will the charging station work with any electric vehicle?

 The charging stations connector SAE J1772 connector (the plug) is universal and is compatible with all electric vehicles.


  • What is the voltage requirement to run an EV Charging Station?

The Level 2 AC Charger (standard) uses 240V plug, similar to the one you use for a home electric clothes dryer.


  • Does the EV Charging Station constantly draw power?

The charger is energy-conscious and stops drawing all but minimal power to provide energy to the LED lights.