EV Chargers 101

Electric Vehicle Chargers



An Electric Vehicle Charging Station, also known as EVSE (Electrical Vehicle Supply Equipment) is the equipment that safely connects the location’s electric power to the electric vehicle’s charger.

It works through communication, the charging unit communicates with the car and sends the correct charging current, based on the maximum current the charger can provide and the maximum current the car can receive.  A safety lock-out exists preventing current from flowing when the charger is not connected to the car.

The standard public or home base charging station is the Level 2 (208-240V) unit that can provide a full charge in 4-8 hours or top off a charge in 1.5-3 hours.   Most charging units have a small footprint with low-no maintenance but can make a big impact.

The Level 3 charger is the fastest of the current chargers available with the ability to fully charge in 20-30 minutes. Although this unit is the fastest, it requires significant panel and service upgrades. It is also the most expensive unit and costs the most to install.

As an Electric Vehicle owner, installing a Level 2 (208-240V) charging station can charge your electric vehicle almost 4 times faster than the level 1 charger that came with the vehicle.

As a business owner or municipality, most electric vehicle drivers are looking to charge up while they are away from home.  It’s easy to get started with one unit and expand as the demand increases.

Currently there are federal and local tax incentives available for the purchase and installation of electric vehicle equipment and infrastructure.  Learn more…


Research shows that consumers prefer doing business with companies that encourage environmental sustainability even if they don’t drive an electric vehicle.  Be a “green” trendsetter in your community while offering power to charge!


Electric Vehicle Chargers

Charger TypePower LevelTypical Time Full ChargeDescriptionStandard Application
AC Level 1
Basic charging
110-120V AC (Alternating Current)10-12 HoursStandard outlet, cord only.Home
AC Level 2
Fast Charging
208-240 V AC 4-8 HoursMost common public charging level.Business, Hotels, Hospitals, Condominium/Apartment Complex, Entertainment/Sports Venues, Malls, Parking Garage, Home
DC Level 3
Very Fast Charging
Converts 3-phase AC to DC 20-30 MinutesIdeal for fast turnaround locations and fleet vehicle charging. Requires significant panel and service upgrades - most expensive to install.Businesses with EV Fleets or large employee base with limited EV station location options.